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Reading Champs CSML Handbooks demonstrate how almost any "average" individual can change "reading challenged" students into Reading (and Writing) Champions! Learn how you can become a project supporter (with a one-time $100.00 grant) or reading coach (at no cost) at
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The IVE League, the foundation for Integrated Vocational Education (IVE), is a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Founded in 1984, Its major emphasis is the development of curricula and materials which blend academic education and career or vocational training into thematic learning units for presentation to the same students, in the same classrooms, at the same time. 

The IVE League  --  2009 
A Nonprofit, Public-benefit Corporation Dedicated to  
Developing Education for the Third Millennium  
"IVE" is the acronym for Integrated Vocational Education -- an education method for any learning environment--public, private, charter, or home --which teaches of both Core Academics and Career / Vocational skills to the same students in the same classrooms at the same time. IVE students take their learning tasks "hands-on." They demonstrate their knowledge through its applications and validate it by putting it to work in real-world exercises.Most important, IVE has the potential of reducing drop-out rates and graduating high school students fully prepared to go on to college or join the global workforce at a career-prepared level. 
Integrated Vocational Education
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IVE League Curriculum Team volunteers identified 21 general disciplines upon which focus of efforts during  the 2010-2013 time frame. These are:

LITERACY: Language Arts - Reading
LITERACY: Language Arts - Writing
Education: General
Education: Teaching
The Arts
Business Education
Community Service Learning Skills
Health and Physical

Hobbies, Leisure,
   and Recreation

Journalism and

Self Improvement
   and Motivation

Skills for Living
Social Studies

We are currently seeking volunteers to help in populating the pages under these sections.  This is your chance to provide vital input that can change the face of education.
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Following over sixteen years in various stages of in-classroom development and testing by program creator Rita Wirtz. M.A., and two and a half years of joint formatting and planning with The IVE League, Rita Wirtz' Reading Champs has come of age with the release of Reading Champs Common Sense Mini Lessons (CSML for short). CSML is a new look at sequential reading instruction, starting even before pre-kindergarten and carrying on through high school. Tested and validated in numerous tutoring sessions and over 600 classrooms, it is intended to be useful for every teaching environment from home schooling to large urban districts.

"The release," says project director and IVE Executive Director Don Werve, "is going to be very low key compared to others in the publishing industry. This is because we are blazing new trails both in the field
of education and in the primary delivery mode.

"The books are being offered as individual instructional handbooks, as thematic sections, or as an entire
308-page library," Werve continued. "We hope to make most of our program placements and deliveries using the Internet and .pdf files. Printed copies will be available using POD (Print On Demand) production processes, but in either case, it means that any new deliveries will be in most-current information status. On top of this, we will be providing free on-line monthly unit updates at no additional cost.

"As you can see, this is going to take a lot of getting-used-to in a market where single classroom text sets can cost thousands of dollars and most technical materials are anywhere from six months to two years out-of-date when they reach the distribution networks."

Taking the customer service and satisfaction to an even higher level, the publisher (IVE Focus Text Publishers--an independent affiliate of The IVE League) is offering a free, five-handbook, introductory packet to individuals who register as Reading Champs Coaches.

More information about the Reading Champs program, and the complete CSML catalog, can be found at

In one way or another, every education organization needs to reach out to the public for support.  This is especially true for The IVE League as program developers--and almost any other small or specialized non-profits who elected, early-on, not to derive their primary funding from government sources.  Instead they rely on the generosity of program support memberships, individual private donors, and supporting affiliated business to provide for their financial needs.  Some of these-- internal associated programs and activities--are listed on the "cards" at the top of this page. You will find others featured on the IVE Supporters page which is in the process of redesign.  In any case, we hope you will provide them with your support.

Donald E. Werve, Jr. M.Ed. and Estelle S. Werve, M.Ed.
Founding Directors of  The IVE League

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The IVE League, Incorporated, the foundation for Integrated Vocational Education (IVE) is a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.  Its major emphasis is development of curriculum and support materials which blend academic education and career or vocational training into thematic learning units for presentation to the same students, in the same classrooms, at the same time.