Estelle Werve
Candidate for Re-election to
the San Juan Unified School District
Board of Education

When the upcoming election is over, assuming Estelle Werve is re-elected, the San Juan School Board will have one new board member and three others who are still in their first term.  Other than Estelle there is no individual on the Board with any direct firsthand knowledge of problems faced and solutions found, over the past sixteen years. In addition to her many typical Board activities, Estelle also became a Goodwill Ambassador for the district; hosting international exchange students, leading a delegation of students and teachers representing the San Juan District in a tour of Japan and China, and as the Board’s representative meeting with members Bond underwriters and members of the New York stock Exchange to promote  sale of District bonds at a most favorable rate.

“No matter where I have represented the district, I have always maintained my sense of balance by remembering that I was actually representing a widely diverse population of over 50,000 students, over 3,500 employees, and over 150,000 voters.”

Individuals interested in getting involved as one of the three key components of any campaign -- which are people (volunteers), time, and money -- should send  us an e-mail with your  name, the community in which you live, and a contact phone number.  Contributions should be by check made payable to "Friends of Estelle Werve 2006 and mailed to the campaign address shown below.  Contributions of $99.00 or more must include your legal address and will be reported in campaign reports as required by law.

Over a period of community service which spans nearly 35 years, Estelle has been supported by a large number of individuals and organizations.  Among these are:

Sacramento Central Labor Council

Sacramento County Republican Central Committee

Sacramento Board of Realtors

Donna Schalansky

Lincoln Club of Sacramento

Former Congressman Doug Ose

Former State Legislator Robert Cline

California School Employees Association
     Local 127

Teamsters Local 150

Carpenters Local 46

The late Robert Wilkinson (City Councilman, City of Los Angeles);

The late Don Lorenzen (local business leader and City Councilman, City of Los Angeles);

The late B.T. Collins (5th Assembly District);

The late William (Bill) Hughes (retired police Lieutenant; First Mayor of the City of Citrus Heights);

Cathie Wright, former State Senator;

Dave Cox,  State Senator

Roger Neillo, Assemblyman 5th District;

Barbara Alby, former State Assemblywoman;

Larry Bowler, former State Assemblyman;

Anthony Peschetti, former State Assemblyman;

Roberta McGlashan, Sacramento County Supervisor;

Susan Peters, Sacramento County Supervisor;

Ted Costa (Peoples Advocate and member of the San Juan Water District Board;

Jayna Costa, Citrus Heights City Council Member;

"Farmer Bob" Massey, community activist;

Mary Purvis, Community Activist;

Bob Churchill; General Manager, Citrus Heights Water District;

Dr. James Livingston, retired educator and former SJUSD Trustee;

Ray Tolleson, retired Superintendent, SJUSD;

Jan Boyer, retired Associate of Instruction SJUSD;

Dr. Lee Negri, retired administrator SJUSD;

Joe Dion, retired educator and Citrus Heights Water Board Trustee;

Frank Ford, Director, Citizens for Good Government;

Chris and George Zarzana, retired SJUSD administrators;

John Rabe, retired SJUSD site administrator;

Colonel Arthur Livingston, retired JROTC instructor;

Dr. Nona Sall, retired Asistant Superintendent, SJUSD;

Joe Hayes, retired administrator and former SJUSD Trustee;

Former Congressman Vic Fazio

Alice Amantea, former Trustee, Sacramento County Board of Education;

Dr. and Mrs. Holden Brink, Federal Wildlife & Wetlands Manager;

Shirley Toomer, community activist;

Dr. Kenneth Umbach

   George and Beth Holcomb

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Donald E. Werve, Jr., Treasurer
P. O. Box 621706 -- Orangevale CA 95662 Telephone (916) 725-8858

Few people realize what it takes to fill a seat on a Board of Education. And unfortunately, none of the knowledge comes quickly or can be learned from books. Back when Estelle first came to the Board, she had the advantage of being able to serve with a board member who had already served over two terms.

“It gave me a chance to better understand district operations,” she remembers. “And it gave me the time to gain additional insight. I took advantage of the opportunity to complete the California School Board Association’s Masters in Boardsmanship course.”

Estelle visited every school so that she could see, firsthand, how classroom instruction, office staff, administration, and almost every other custodial and maintenance function interact in operating a district of this size.  But Estelle did not stop with visiting school sites, or working with gardeners, glaziers, plumbers, roofers, or electricians, or doing ride-alongs with school security officers.  Very early-on, and despite her years of knowledge from serving youth as a volunteer with Scouting and as a volunteer docent in San Juan schools, she realized there was only one way to gain in-depth knowledge of classroom operations: that was by teaching!

During her first four terms she also organized one-on-one tours of San Juan schools for legislators like Barbara Alby, Larry Bowler, B. T. Collins, and Vic Fazio.  Then, as her second term began, she returned to school, completing an undergraduate degree in Communications Studies at CSUS.  She went on to earn a teaching credential with CLAD endorsement in Social Science and a Master of Arts in Education from Chapman University.

“All of this specialized learning helped me, like nothing else could, to gain an understanding of what the duties and responsibilities of a teacher and how a classroom should work.”

But it was her second and third terms on the Board, and eight more years dealing with students and parents, site and district staff and administration, and the State Legislature, that helped most. In her second term, when the board decided it was necessary to put a bond measure before the voters, Estelle advocated the creation of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to provide an independent monitoring group and ensure that all of the promised projects were completed in a timely manner.


To me, there is no greater responsibility than being selected to help guide children’s education. As parents and taxpayers, we all share an unbiased commitment to provide excellent educational opportunities to prepare all our children for the future. The importance of that education has expanded over the years.

   Since you first selected me to represent you on the San Juan School Board—my time has been spent representing the people, providing firm, active, unbiased, leadership when needed, and bringing the district together in the students’ interest.

  Four years ago, I renewed a promise to expand access and pursue accountability by actively gathering necessary information first hand. Rather than attacking the system, I worked diligently to build upon district’s accomplishments and increase diverse community participation in the direction of our schools. Everyone is important; parents, teachers, classified personnel, and administration rendering invaluable services to our students.

  My goals continue to be quality of student learning; improving facilities to provide safe learning environments; and interactive communications with parents and the community at large by continuing to be accessible, independent, and open minded.

  Much work remains, and together we can do it; but I need your vote.

Partial List of Supporters
( Continued )

Patty Austin, parent SJUSD;

James and Danielle Delevan, retired Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff;

Bill and Bonnie Williams, local business owners;

Jim Williams, local business owner;

Terry Cochran, member Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees;

Dave Feuerwerker; local businessman;

Ron Uzelac, retired SJUSD administrator;

Bill Wirtz; retired Federal Attorney (Indian Affairs);

Rita Wirtz., retired administrator;

And hundreds of other individuals and community service organizations
with whom she has worked over the years.